Just can't stop lying!

Garland mayor says no endorsement for Stefani Carter in race against Carol Kent."
Counterfeit Carter was caught touting the endorsement of Garland Mayor Ronald Jones. The only problem is he never actually endorsed her. Rather, Mayor Jones expressed "regret" over his communication with Carter. What won't she do get ahead?

More resume padding?
"Official records show that Carter "Did Not Meet" the minimum requirements of a misdemeanor prosecutor"
Carter has been running as a "tough on crime" former prosecutor. The truth? She was an assistant District Attorney for less than a year, and on her official performance review, she failed to meet minimum standards. Not only was Carter not tough on crime, she wasn't even competent. More proof that we just can't trust Stefani Carter to be truthful with the voters of House District 102.

Representing the Community?
Carter likes to say that she was born and raised in the district and can represent it. But that wasn't always the case. In 2007, when she was living in Collin County, an anonymous push poll put out feelers on Carter's name ID there. What will it be Stefani Carter, District 66 or District 102? Can she be counted on to be your representative in Austin?